IS Audits


The use of increasingly complex information systems and their implementation in the control and management of sensitive processes require a standardization aiming at the conformity of all the information systems according to the activity and the trade in order to better to control the risk that the information system engenders in the functioning of any organization. For example, auditing information systems as an activity to measure the level of compliance of an information system against well-defined rules and to examine the level of drift of the system against these standards helps to anticipate the problems and propose solutions to remedy them even before the occurrence of incidents. ITS offers you the following services: consultations, advice and training: 


  1. Business Process of the Information System;
  2. IT risk analysis and management;
  3. COBIT chapters and process management;
  4. Implementation of COBIT and ITIL in the audit of the I.S;
  5. Use of MEHARI in the study of risks;
  6. Control of information system services;
  7. IS audit software (MS Excel, IDEA Caseware);
  8. IS audit software (MS Excel, IDEA Caseware);
  9. Extraction and analysis of data;
  10. Statistical sampling of data ... ..;
  11. Verification of data and processes
  12. Control of applications and equipment
  13. Access Control and Privilege Management;
  14. Detection of false entries in databases;
  15. Authentication of data, applications, equipment and processes;
  16. Conduct and verification of recommendations;
  17. Audit of IT projects;
  18. Risks in the audit of the SI;
  19. Internal controls and verification;
  20. Checks and general checks;
  21. Follow up of irregularity corrections.
  22. Plusieurs offres dans l’audit des Systèmes Informatiques.

    Logiciel AUSEC d’audits de sécurité des systèmes d’information :

              Intègre tous les outils d’audits de sécurité des systèmes d’informations ;

              Pré rapport disponible

              Compatible avec les outils de Tests d’intrusions et de pénétrations ;