IS governance




Le terme « Gouvernance » désigne la capacité d’une organisation d’être en mesure de contrôler et de réguler son propre fonctionnement afin d’éviter les conflits d’intérêts liés à la structure.

Any activity requires a strong and effective governance system to ensure the sustainability of the latter, as well as the achievement of goals set initially. The information system would be an exception to this rule, on the contrary requires more attention in this sense because complex and essential for any business. The investments made for its information system must be justified not by a simple need, but by means of a preliminary study presenting the return gain on this investment by the creation and operation of the services related to the investment in question. . Thus information system governance is at the center of any business today with a set of methods and standards that accompanies it: To help you set up a system of governance in your system. information, ITS offers you: Consultations, Advice and Training for: 


  1. Information System Business Process and creation of services in an information system;
  2. Task management for value creation;
  3. Use of the ValIT standard for the management of investments in an SI;
  4. Implementation of COBIT and ITIL in the governance of SIIs;
  5. Use of different methods of governance of the SI;
  6. Fourniture des services dans un système d’information ;
  7. Assessment of the maturity of a governance system of the SI;
  8. Establishment and management of IT service centers;
  9. Stages of the governance of the information system;
  10. Governance tools of the SI;
  11. Instruments de mesure du niveau de gouvernance des S.I.;
  12. Improved governance of the S.I .;
  13. Master plan of the information system
  14. Certification in governance of SIs and related organizations;
  15. Monitoring of services and improvement of results;
  16. The importance of the standards in the governance processes of the I.S;
  17. Elements of governance of the S.I;
  18. Change management linked to the establishment of a system of governance of the SI.
  19. Audit of the governance functions of the SI;
  20. Evaluation of the contributions of the governance of the S.I