IS security


Today, the implementation of information and communication technologies is causing problems of new types of security of sensitive information, infrastructures and organizations put in place. Thus the control and the management of the information risk in these new systems become essential for the good functioning and even the existence of these last ones. Examples of vulnerabilities in the security and protection systems in the services of a company or organization can be catastrophic ranging from the saturation of communication networks to the total destruction of the information system, which very often generates significant economic losses for the company or organization concerned. In order to better manage security risks and threats on your information and information systems, i.T.s brings you the following intelligent and efficient security solutions:

Consultations, Advice and Training for:


  1. Strategic watch for viral infections;
  2. Strategic watch for the intrusion of spyware;
  3. Dam against illegal intrusion into computers and information systems;
  4. Use of firewalls and the Windows security system;
  5. Encryption of information;
  6. Control points of vigilance of the information system;
  7. Cryptage et signature numérique ;
  8. Security measures against hacking, cracking and phishing;
  9. Securing electronic communications
  10. Implementation of management systems for the security of information systems;
  11. Analysis of IT risks with the use of standards (MEHARI, EBIOS ... ..);
  12. Security audits of information systems;
  13. Mastery of Information System Security Standards (ISO 2700X ....);
  14. Access control and management of digital identities;
  15. Authentication and management of the integrity of information, users and equipment;
  16. Securing electronic transactions for commerce and other online services;
  17. Implementation of security protocols (IPSec, SSL / TLS, SSH etc ...);
  18. Realization of virtual private networks;
  19. Implementation of digital certificates for securing online services;
  20. Recovery of hidden, encrypted or erased data;
  21. Recover forgotten passwords.
  22. Destruction of viruses and spyware.