Web Seminars: Strategic Information Protection

BASICS DATA : Being a company manager and mastering the computer tool, a specialist in the field of security (Police, Military etc. ...), a manager or operator in a bank, a lawyer or associate


TARGET AUDIENCE : Anyone already initiated or not to control the business risk in an information system, to secure or support the security of the IS, to define the information security policy in business, to work with secret information.


LEADERS : Dr. BELL B.G. ° PhD-technical sciences in security and protection of information systems ° Cryptologue (St. Petersburg) ;° Expert in security and protection of information systems ° Lecturer (AFU, ENSPY, UPAC) ° Director of ITS (www.its.cm)



Active pedagogy, individualized responses to participants' needs, theoretical presentations, methodological contributions and numerous practical work.

Each participant is invited to present their needs in security and protection of information


Place :        Yaoundé

Period:   20 March 2012

Duration:  1 day from (8AM to 6PM)

costs: 150.000 Fcfa  (Rates including teaching fees and fees de documentation)



Understand the mechanisms for securing sensitive information;

 Master the notions and technique of strategic data protection;

Master the management and protection of secrecy;

Create and maintain the conditions of extreme confidentiality of information;

Use cryptology (science of secrecy) for the protection of information;

Manage and guarantee the confidentiality of information in a critical situation



 The protection of the transmission of data in an SI;

The fight against the leak of sensitive information;

 The use of information encryption systems;

Methods and systems of protection and security of information;

 The risks of leakage and exposure of sensitive information;

Sensitivity of information and its protection



– Me Clément NGAI, Attorney at the bars of Cameroon; Director of SCPA NGAI & Associés




 o  1st Part : Information and sensitivity

o  2nd Part information security

o  3nd Part information protection

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