Web Seminars: Social Networks, Roles and Usage in Security

BASIC DATAS : Being a specialist in the field of ICT; A specialist in the field of security (Police, Military etc ...)


TARGET AUDIENCE : Anyone already initiated or not in search of information, to create or accompany the creation of opinions, to define and guide the policy and objectives of the social mass, to create motivation to achieve the objectives decision-making, to anticipate social behavior in order to better guide the related security policies.


LEADERS : Dr. BELL B.G.  PhD-technical sciences in security and protection of information systems; Specialist in Cryptology (St. Petersburg); Expert in Security and Protection of IS; Teacher-Researcher (UCAC, ENSPY, UPAC); Director of ITS (www.its.cm).


METHODOLOGY Active pedagogy, individualized responses to participants' needs, theoretical presentations, methodological contributions and numerous practical work.  Each participant is invited to present their needs in Audit of information systems


LIEU :        Yaounde

Period:   15 April 2012

Duration:  1 day (8AM to 6PM)

COUTS: 150.000 Fcfa  (Rates including teaching fees and fees de documentation)


OBJECTIVES - MAKING PARTICIPANTS A : Understand the security mechanisms in the digital age; Understand the use of social networks as an information weapon; Understand social disinformation and informational warfare: Master the phenomenon of social camouflage; Use social networks as informational gites.


 EXPECTED RESULTS - PARTICIPANTS MASTER Surveys and analyzes on social networks; Use of camouflage related social and technical networks; Control and influence on social groups and affiliated members; Social manipulation techniques; Large-scale publication of information and opinions Exploitation of social information deposits Marketing of groups and organizations




o  1st Part: ICT, internet, social networks and the new social environment (what has changed since) 

Nouvelles technologies de communication sociale ; Carence de contrôle sur les réseaux sociaux et les conséquences sur la securite nationale; Le nouveau contexte social camerounais : adhésion aux reseaux sociaux,  statistiques, intérêts des masses sociales et actions des groupes sociaux


o  2nd Part uses and realities of social networksusages and realities of social networks 

Studies of social networks like: Facebook, Twiter, Wayn, LinkedIn, Hi5, myspace, youtube, wikkileaks, second life (online social games); New Social and Political Relations on the Internet: Impact on Real Life and Consequences on Security; Social camouflage and information search: practical cases; Organization of social disinformation: practical case


o  3nd Part: analyzes on the reality of the new social phenomenon

Social networks and overabundance of information and lack of confidentiality: the case of wikkileaks; Social networks: Roles on recent and current political crises in Africa; What solutions for the future and how to control the consequences of the misuse of social networks.

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