IS Audit



The evolution of an organization is always inevitably followed by an increase in the volume of data produced, hence the need for powerful and more often complex IS (Information System). This data contains an incredible wealth and also contributes to increasing the level of risk to which you are exposed. ITS has dedicated skills to measure these risks inherent in your IS and implements good IS audit software such as AUSEC which integrates all security tools and is compatible with all intrusion and penetration tools. We offer consultations, advice and training in the following areas:

  1. Business Process of the Information System;
  2. IT risk analysis and management;
  3. Information Systems Security;
  4. Implementation of COBIT and ITIL in the audit of the I.S;
  5. Use of MEHARI in the study of risks;
  6. Control of information system services;
  7. IT audit software;
  8. Access control and privilege management;
  9. Authentication of data, applications, equipment and processes
  10. Risks in the audit of the SI;