Numerical investigations

Gouvernance des si

Within the framework of certain conflicts and litigations, the elements of evidence and defenses are found in the traces left on the digital supports of your company. Thanks to our expertise we can find these traces, exploit them and make them admissible in front of the courts. ITS also offers you advice, consultations and training in the following areas:

  1. Digital investigation processes and procedures;
  2. Analysis and management of digital evidence;
  3. Retrieval of information from disks, PDAs and mobile phones;
  4. Mobile proofing tools;
  5. Digital Surveillance;
  6. Cryptanalysis of extracted data;
  7. Digital forensics software (Winhex and others);
  8. Digital investigation reports;
  9. Stages of a digital investigation;
  10. Extraction and analysis of hidden or encrypted data;
  11. Protection de la scène du crime numérique…..);
  12. Verification of data and processes
  13. Revealed data on the digital crime scene
  14. Data extraction tools;
  15. Detection of crime traces in an information system;
  16. Verification of digital identities of attackers;
  17. Reassembly on the proof and identity of a digital attack;
  18. Use of social networks for digital tracking;
  19. Technical assistance to litigation and pre-litigation